Personal Projects


A minimal online text editor for those who just want to write on blogger.


Actully this project is on trial basis. It helps to download any video from the youtube. This is just deployed before two days of the writing of this post. 

Go-Sciter ( Now merged in )

Go-Sciter is a blog dedicated to golang and sciter development. I am trying to generate a valuable resource for who want to make GUI application using sciter and golang.

( you can find all of the post in this ( ) blog )


Gospot is my first personal project which i have lived. Its a rss feed agragator. It fetche the post feed from the best websites and blogs on Golang. It stores daily feed and make it avalible via search in future. 

For more details visit

If you are writting a blog on golang and want to provide your feed to this aggragator, please put site link in comment so i can put in the feed. 

Something is new in the queue! 👀


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