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Full text search with TNTSearch in laravel

                       Every site which has an aim to provide information to the end user inform of blog or artilce has to have an efficient search. You can do it with sql query using %like% and where queries. But its not sufficient . Some time user don't have idea about the text of field you are using so it might not get information through your site. So in that case we need some kind of thing that can do full-text search. For example, You write an article name " Google ".                     Google is a search engine. Search engine is the program that helps to find the information we need from the database. Google is one of the best search engines in the world. ... .. Now you are just searching with name field with pure mysql . So if someone search for google . it will get result but , if will search for search engine result will be null . Here you can use full-text-search engine to resolve this problem. We have several options for full-text-sea