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Packfolder : archive your resource of sciter based application

Packfolderpackfolder is utility provided as part sciter-sdk. It compresses resources folder under a single file of the format of your choice ( should support by packfolder ). 

Currently, the supported output formats are

binaryc [ array of bytes ]go [array of bytes ]rust [ array of bytes ]


[path]\packfolder.exe [resource-folder] [resource-file].[ext] -V [name-of-variable] -[output-format]
path = full / relative path to packfolder.exe to execute commandresource-folder = full/relative path to the folder inside which your resource is containedresource-file  = name of the file you want as your output file name-of-variable = it will the name of the variable that will initiate with the array of bytes of your resource folderoutput-format = format of your output file
For example,
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
PS 08-packfolderIntro> .\packfolder.exe res res.go -v resources -go

Source Code  08-packfolderIntro

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