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Immutable.js with firebase

To store data we can use either object or we can use array in javascript. Both have their own advantage and disadvantage.Array : Array has advantage of maintaining order, but negative side is that If you want to update any element inside array you have to find the index of the element. May be via looping through the whole array if indexes are not predictable.Object : You can store element as object property. It's like key-value pair, So If you want to update any property (element) of object, you can update it easily using key. So, It's easy to update the elements in object, but object uses hash for property, So order is not guaranteed.
Immutable.js with firebase
Firebase provides live updates. Suppose you are having a program where you are listening for live updates on some last x elements, while retaining others for display only, but order of display matters. You are listening for last x elements live, So you have to update the data of those elements when you receive update  fr…

Ahmedabad Shopping festival

Ahmedabad Shopping festival is solution created by Tuzzin Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
I worked as part of the development team

My journey started as a part-time web developer. A MySQL database, Php for backend, VueJs and jQuery frontend, scss for css and I'm done. So easy! I was never thinking about scaling, rate limiting, timeout on those days, and normal site even does not need to care about such things unless they reaches that threshold.Luckily, I got chance to work on a product which was requiring all of this. It was the first time when I got exposure to real scalable application with spike in traffic, Ahmedabad Shopping festival 2019.  
Brief Intro of Ahmedabad Shopping festival 

Ahmedabad Shopping festival was first digitally managed shopping festival of India hosted in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Every customer were getting rewards and coupons for chance to win prize on making shopping during shopping hours.
Technical requirements

Ahmedabad Shopping festival was consisting a web portal for retaile…

Creating 2d games with golang and gontuz/prototype

Golang was created as server language. But with the time and curiosity of people, golang has covered GUI application and game development as well.

I am sharing here one of the available golang library, on top of which you can create 2d games. Its gonutz/prototype.

Sample video

Gonutz/prototype is very small and easy to learn library. It's cross-platform, that means the game your are creating in one platform will be able to run on other platforms without any change in code ( in normal case ). 

This package currently supports windows , mac and linux.
gonutz/prototype features
Support for keyboard inputSupport for mouse inputSupport for 2d drawingSupport for image and sprite-sheetsSupport for sound 

Want to learn more about this package. 
Follow my youtube video playlist "2d game development in golang"
Video tutorial playlist:

Go-boiler : smaller and simplest starter kit

Project Name 

Project Descrtiption
Simple, small & easy to get started boiler-plate(starter-kit) written in golang for creating website/webapps.

External libraries
Cloudykit/Jet ( HTML templating engine)gorilla/mux ( HTTP Routing )gorilla/csrf ( CSRF )

Source code


Customize Scrollbar look

You can customize the look of scrollbar using CSS.
Here is a snippet of sample custom scrollbar UI,

( I have introduced :hover  because I want to show scrollbar on an element only when user hover on that element )

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19*::-webkit-scrollbar{width:5px;display:none;background-color:#666666;}*:hover::-webkit-scrollbar{width:5px;display:block;background-color:#666666;}*::-webkit-scrollbar-track{background:#ddd;}*::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb{background:#666;border-radius:20px;}

YTDownload ( Server )

Project Name

Project Descrtiption
YTDownload ( Server ) is a server-based application. Its aim is to download video from youtube in all format and qualities provided by youtube.
It uses a web browser for its UI. The core logic of the server is written in goLang.

External libraries & dependcies
VueJS ( JavaScript FrameWork )Spectre ( Css FrameWork )YTDL ( GoLang Youtube download Library )Gorilla Mux ( GoLang HTTP Routing Library )Pros
It's a server-based application. So you just have to start the server and you will be able to use it from any device having a browser and connected to the same network using local address of the server.No need to install

Downloads with a single thread, so downloading speed will be less than those other downloaders provides.Can not use without the local server running.No mobile platform for the server is supported
Source code

Download link