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Setup development environment for Hyperledger composer on windows

There is no direct best ( or at least I don’t know ) way to create a good development environment for the hyper ledger composer on windows. I have installed hyper ledger on windows and it’s also not working satisfactorily. I want to develop in windows while want to run it smoothly like in Ubuntu.
So the way I found is virtual box and ssh.
Vagrant is kind of the thing that gives this readymade. But .box file we need to download is very slow in speed [ 150 kbps] and for me, it was disconnecting continuously. So I left the vagrant and find another way to get the facility provided by the vagrant.
I am going to show the way I created my development environment.
You Need  Virtual BoxISO of ubuntu server 16.04 LTS OR Ubuntu Virtual Box  Machine
That's it. If you have this two things you are ready to go.

Prepare Ubuntu Server Virtual Box Machine
Either install ubuntu 16.04 on the virtual box or import the ubuntu server virtual machine to the Virtual Box.

Open Virtual Machine and install OpenSSH So…

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