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mailgun forward incoming mail

Mailgun is email service provider. For detail infomration about mailgun you can visit its site Untill my last project( i was just using mailgun sending mails. There was no need to receive emails on that domain.

But in, I need to have a domain based email address on which i should send and receive email. Its quite straight forward setup to receive email through mailgun.

Just you have to do these two things :
Make sure your mx record points to mailgun. [ It should be ticked verfied on mailgun dns verification ]Setup route on mailgun
MX Record setup with Domain Registrar
In domain verification and Dns section of mailgun you will find that you have to setup two mx record with your domain service provider. ( priority 10 ) ( priority 10 )

During creation of mx record you will be asked for host. Host value for your record is the @ if you are using root domain with mailgun , and it will be subdomain value if y…

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