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Use google cloud log-sink to log incidents to your project management system

Small team working on multi service product, With carrying more then one responsibilities. It's a big challenge to keep everything on track. Most importantly, When it comes to incident reporting. We can not automate every thing but, at least we can automate incident reporting to our project management service eg Gitlab / GitHub / Slack. ( Slack 😅 , for small team like us slack also work like project management tool. ) Google cloud log-sink Here comes google cloud log-sink handy to you. We can direct all of your logs with severity level of Error Crtitical Alert Emergency to a logs ink which log a incident on your project & issue tracking service ( For example Gitlab ) using cloud pub/sub topics. [ You can use firebase function for such pub/sub topics ] Inclusion filter for error logs severity='(ERROR OR CRITICAL OR ALERT OR EMERGENCY)' Next time when ever error log will be generated on your cloud logs. You will get an incident created on your gitlab. So Don't wait