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copy datastore from one project to another project example

Its actually happens that we need to copy datastore values from one project to another project of google cloud platform.

Requirements :

Gcloud SDK on the local machine
This process goes through 4 steps.
Export datastore from origin projectGive default service user of target project the legacy storage read role over the bucket Transfer bucket data to target project's bucket Import datastore file 
Step 1  Export Datastore  From Feb 2019, you will not be able to use datastore admin as Google is going stop that support. So you have to use cloud datastore import-export for it.
Cloud datastore import-export exports data in you specified storage bucket. To see how to setup automated datastore import-export refer this post.
Step 2 Give default service user of targe projet the legacy storage read role over the bucket 
Here we are giving read right to the bucket for origin project to targe project, I.E. If you want to copy from project A to project B. Then give legacy storage reader role to the user …

Hyperldeger Fabric Composer : Essential ACLs

If you don't know how to setup hyperledger composer read this post.
I almost gave 5 days 😅  to add an asset via participants other than Admin. As I get an error about some permission for that kind of participant I was adding that resource permission to that participants ACL.

.. .. And I have almost given 8 system permissions including network and asset registry resources. Actually, I don't find a solution on any blog or documentation, but  (guess what? 😳) I found a solution on someone's GitHub sample project.

That I am sharing here.

Essentials ACL's that has to be applied

[ at least in case you are going to use composer-rest-server ]

// Give NetworkAdmin User Full Access To Every Resouces //

rule NetworkAdminUser {

    description: "network administrators full access to user resources"
    participant: "org.hyperledger.composer.system.NetworkAdmin"
    operation: ALL
    resource: "**"
    action: ALLOW

rule NetworkAdminSystem {

    description: &quo…