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Open Source Assets Compiler For Projects

I am from the laravel and actully now habitude to its process. It also reflected on assets ( scss/less/vuejs) compilation. I have tried multiple alternatives like preproce. But at last come to the laravel's built in packages. 

Laravel's Assets Compilers 
1) Laravel Elixir
2) Laravel Mix

Both of the projects are shown here are the gift from the laravel developer to us. By the way this projects are created to work for laravel but you can use this project stand alone for your projects. This projects are npm based so you have to install them using the node package manager ( npm) or yarn.

Some description about both

1) Laravel ElixriLaravel Elixir provides a clean, fluent API for defining basic Gulp tasks for your Laravel application. Elixir supports common CSS and JavaScript pre-processors like Sass and Webpack. Using method chaining, Elixir allows you to fluently define your asset pipeline.

It's documentation says for Laravel Application. But, You can use it for  any project even no…

Host Personal Cloud Torrent on VPS

Host Personal Cloud Torrent 
This is the awesome project i found on the  projectjpillora/cloud-torrent
What it does is it asks for the torrent or magnet link. After getting the link it downlods the torrent file on the vps and than you can download the file via idm or downloader to your pc from the vps

This project is written in the go and uses go 1.9.1.
If you are a person who don't want the complication of the compilation or cross compilation of this project you can use the file that is precompiled.
here is the link for ubuntu binary cloud-torrent

403 forbidden you don't have permission to modify this app

Error During the Google App Engine Deployment
You might get this error during  the deployment.

It may be because of your old credentials or invalid credentails has been stored in you local enviroment.

To fix Remove fileWindows <windisk>:\Users\<Username>\.appcfg_oauth2_tokens

Mac Or Linux ~/.appcfg_oauth2_tokens

Use Bleve as full text search engine for go app

Bleve Bleve is full-text search library written in go. You can read this article if you are curious to know more about it Short Introduction To Bleve (

There are lots of stuff that gives the info about bleve functionality but the problem is they don't provide the way to implement in your project and it is quite difficult for beginners.

I am writing this to show how to use bleve with your project for the full text search.

There are Four Operations 1. Create index files
2. Index the valid entities.
3. Search through the indices  for output
4. Delete invalid entities.
Creating the index files
Index the valid entities  You can ( and should ) create multiple index files according to data , need of search and performance You can increase performance by using the go routines to search throgh the mulitple indices concurrently.
Search throught the indices for output Using the go routines to search throgh the mulitple indices concurrently.
Here the searchResult is the output in …

Deploy Go Application in ubuntu

golang has faciltity of cross compilation. So you can write a your application on any of supported  platform and deploy it over any supported platform. So will go step by step from compilation to deployment of the project over ubuntu server ( linux server )

Requirements 1. Linux Server I mostly use ubuntu but this also work with CentOs

2. FTP/sFTP Upload Tool  For windows I will recommand winScp Download
For Mac I personlly use ftp uploader provided by the mozzila as firefox addon Download

3. SSH Tool For windows i will recommand putty  Download
For Mac I personally use FireSSH  Download

Thats it.

Compile the project for the linux
(I am using the windows for this tutorial , but for mac the links are show where neccessary)

Run this command to compile the project

> set GOOS=linux 
upper command will set the golang host architecture to linux
( this is temporary change so after reboot it will set the original host. GOOS defines the platform/ architactre for which the code will build)

> g…