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Setup forward proxy in apache2

Proxy word is noramally used for forward proxy. It forwards requst to other server and pass downs the response to the client. This post is not supposed to describe the differneace between forward and revsers proxy.  But if you want to find out exact differance you can refer this stackoverflow post. To setup forward proxy on your apahce2. you have to install [ if you are on linux ] / enable [ if you are using windows ] modules [ If I am includeing any extra please corrent me. But I had to eanble all this modules. ] You have to make virtual host for proxy forward < VirtualHost *: XX  > ProxyRequests On ProxyVia On < Proxy * >   Require all granted < /Proxy > </VirtualHost> You can r

Packfolder : archive your resource of sciter based application

Packfolder packfolder is utility provided as part  sciter-sdk . It compresses resources folder under a single file of the format of your choice ( should support by packfolder ).  Currently, the supported output formats are Syntex, [path]\packfolder.exe [resource-folder] [resource-file].[ext] -V [name-of-variable] -[output-format] For example, Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. PS 08-packfolderIntro> .\packfolder.exe res res.go -v resources -go Source Code   08-packfolderIntro

Use packfolder to archive your resource

In commit 25d8ed42e0bb4c4acb742de9f148f6902d32ff41 go-sciter SDK has added one new facility which automatically resolves file path for archived data . Now you can use archived data from the archive and it will resolve import by itself, as it does for c & c++. Packfolder packfolder is utility provided as part sciter-sdk. It compresses resources folder under a single file of the format of your choice ( should support by packfolder ). Currently, supported output format files are bin ( normal binary file ) an array of bytes in c, go, d and rust language.  Syntex is , [path]\packfolder.exe [resource-folder] [resource-file].[ext] -V [name-of-variable] -[output-format] path = full / relative path to packfolder.exe to execute command resource-folder = full/relative path to the folder inside which your resouce is contained resource-file  = name of the file you want as your output file  name-of-variable = it will the name of the varilble that will iniated with the array of bytes of your re