Use packfolder to archive your resource

In commit 25d8ed42e0bb4c4acb742de9f148f6902d32ff41 go-sciter SDK has added one new facility which automatically resolves file path for archived data . Now you can use archived data from the archive and it will resolve import by itself, as it does for c & c++.


packfolder is utility provided as part sciter-sdk. It compresses resources folder under a single file of the format of your choice ( should support by packfolder ). Currently, supported output format files are bin ( normal binary file ) an array of bytes in c, go, d and rust language. 

Syntex is ,
[path]\packfolder.exe [resource-folder] [resource-file].[ext] -V [name-of-variable] -[output-format]

  • path = full / relative path to packfolder.exe to execute command
  • resource-folder = full/relative path to the folder inside which your resouce is contained
  • resource-file  = name of the file you want as your output file 
  • name-of-variable = it will the name of the varilble that will iniated with the array of bytes of your resource folder
  • output-format = format of your output file


[ ps stands for PowerShell - I'm using windows ]

unarchived res folder

PS:.\packfolder.exe res res.go -V resource -go

here  I've put packfolder.exe in the same folder as my project. [ ya, you can do that, after all, packfolder is standalone utitily . ] 

res is the folder which contians resource used in my app

Resource folder we want to compress

res.go is the file I am expecting to be generated on compress of the resource folder. 

-V stands for the variable name I want the variale name as resoruce so I  "-V resource"

and at last, i want output for the golang file. so -go
res.go file containing bytes of archived data

It will generate a syntactilly valid file of golang contiaing bytes of our archive. Upto this we have compressed our res folder in a single resource file. 

Load archived resource in your App using SetResourceArchive

SetResouceArchive function is responsible for loading the archived file at their relative paths.

func main() {
// make rect for window
rect := sciter.NewRect(100, 100, 300, 500)

// create a window using upper rect
win, _ := window.New(sciter.SW_MAIN|sciter.SW_CONTROLS|sciter.SW_RESIZEABLE, rect)

// SetResourceArchive expects array of bytes as input
// It does open the archive and also auto resolvs file
// file path 
// Here resoure is array of bytes that has been generated 
// by packfolder.exe 


// registering methods
win.DefineFunction("closeWindow", closeApplication)
win.DefineFunction("save", save)
win.DefineFunction("open", open)


So now your resource are part of your gocode. There is no need to ship the resource folder any more. It also make your resource safe and hidden from outside.

For example, visit 08-packfolderIntro