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Ahmedabad Shopping festival

Ahmedabad Shopping festival is solution created by  Tuzzin Infotech Pvt. Ltd . I worked as part of the development team My journey started as a part-time web developer. A MySQL database, Php for backend, VueJs and jQuery frontend, scss for css and I'm done. So easy! I was never thinking about scaling, rate limiting, timeout on those days, and normal site even does not need to care about such things unless they reaches that threshold. Luckily, I got chance to work on a product which was requiring all of this. It was the first time when I got exposure to real scalable application with spike in traffic, Ahmedabad Shopping festival 2019.   Brief Intro of Ahmedabad Shopping festival  Ahmedabad Shopping festival was first digitally managed shopping festival of India hosted in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Every customer were getting rewards and coupons for chance to win prize on making shopping during shopping hours . Technical requirements Ahmedabad Shopping festival was consisting a web portal