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Remove console screen for your gui application written in go

Remove console screen for your gui application written in go Images of appliaction used as example is notepad plus minus. I writen as example. To get details of this program you can visit post " Simple document based application with golang " You write a GUI application and it runs with a console screen behind. It looks pretty weird, right! I mean what is the meaning of a console when console actually not going to interact with the user.  GoLang Gui Application with Console Screen Don't know how this works on Mac or Linux as I have not done this on either Mac or Linux. But for windows, I find a way to compile console-less GUI application for golang.  Just build the application with this argument. go build -ldflags "-H=windowsgui" ldflags used to set build time variable. Now. in the upper statement we are saying golang that current application we are building is windowsgui application so don't create the console with it. Ju

Simple Documnet Based Appliaction With Sciter and Golang

document base application with golang and sciter You might need to create a document based application with Sciter. Here the main question is how to get input from the user, how to store it during processing. Then how to store it to a file ( with existing or your own extension ), and at the end how to reopen that file again for editing or updating it. Here I am going with a very simple example of a document-based application. Notepad-plus-minus ( no rights reserved 😀 )It'sts a very simple notepad even simple then notepad. You can think of as a sticky note which allows you to save it as a file. Demo First GUI File In gui we need a menubar [ created with CSS obviously ] which provided options for open, save, exit and new. It also has to have an input area where we can write. So let's get started with creating menu first. <html>     <style>         .top-menu{             position: absolute;             width: 300dip;             top: 0;             left: 0;          

Simple Calc using golang and sciter-sdk

calc usin golang andsciter Last Update : 18-07-2018 Up to this, we know how to create a window, put elements inside it, get input from the user and convert them in datatype we want. We also know how to pass that converted input data to golang function and update GUI elements according to the response/ result we get from the execution of GUI element. Here I am sharing the code of calc which actually requires all of the elements we have seen in previous examples. GUI File Here  I am sharing GUI file given by Andrew as suggestions. But you can check original GUI code that I have written in case you want to curious how much this code is more optimized than the original code. main-update.html <html>     <head>                <style>                    html { background:transparent; }           div#buttons {             flow: grid( 1  1  1  1,                         3  4  5  12,                         6  7  8  13,                         9  10 11 14,