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Setup development environment for Hyperledger composer on windows

There is no direct best ( or at least I don’t know ) way to create a good development environment for the hyper ledger composer on windows. I have installed hyper ledger on windows and it’s also not working satisfactorily. I want to develop in windows while want to run it smoothly like in Ubuntu. So the way I found is virtual box and ssh. Vagrant is kind of the thing that gives this readymade. But .box file we need to download is very slow in speed [ 150 kbps] and for me, it was disconnecting continuously. So I left the vagrant and find another way to get the facility provided by the vagrant. I am going to show the way I created my development environment. You Need  Virtual Box ISO of ubuntu server 16.04 LTS OR Ubuntu Virtual Box  Machine That's it. If you have this two things you are ready to go. Prepare Ubuntu Server Virtual Box Machine Either install ubuntu 16.04 on the virtual box or import the ubuntu

setup scheduled export on google appe

If you are using the google app engine you might get this message from the google. Hello Cloud Datastore Customer, We're writing to let you know that the Datastore Admin backup feature is being phased out as of February 28, 2018, in favour of the generally available managed export and import for Cloud Datastore . Please migrate to the managed export and import functionality at your earliest convenience. To help you make the transition, Datastore Admin will continue to be available over the next 12 months prior to the shutdown date of February 28, 2019.  I am writing this post to show how to set schedule export. [ I am showing the steps described by the google at this link.  Scheduled-export  ] Enable the billing for google cloud service Ensure that you are using a billable account for your GCP project. Only GCP projects with billable accounts can use the export and import functionality.  You can Set your billing details at

HTTPS for custom domain on blogger

HTTPS For custom domain is made available for the users by Google. You just have to enable the HTTPS and your blog will have the HTTPS: You don't need to purchase SSL certificate. When you select yes all setup will be done by the google to provided HTTPS on your blog HTTPS for a custom domain on Google blogger It will good to redirect all your secured and non-secured traffic to the secured site. So Select yes on HTTPS redirect Redirect all traffic to the secured version of your blog If you are using google blogger and haven't done it yet do it.

Register Free Domains

Freenom   Register Free Domains One of my friends found freenom  personal domain provider.  It actually provides the domain at free of cost. But when we are using the free domain we can not change the DNS settings. So if we are using the free domain then we can not use for our site hosted on the other hosting service. It is its negative point. Freenom provides its own hosting for free with the domain. So, if there is no constraint of hosting then you can use freenoms free hosting and domain.