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Creating 2d games with golang and gontuz/prototype

Golang was created as server language. But with the time and curiosity of people, golang has covered GUI application and game development as well.

I am sharing here one of the available golang library, on top of which you can create 2d games. Its gonutz/prototype.

Sample video

Gonutz/prototype is very small and easy to learn library. It's cross-platform, that means the game your are creating in one platform will be able to run on other platforms without any change in code ( in normal case ). 

This package currently supports windows , mac and linux.
gonutz/prototype features
Support for keyboard inputSupport for mouse inputSupport for 2d drawingSupport for image and sprite-sheetsSupport for sound 

Want to learn more about this package. 
Follow my youtube video playlist "2d game development in golang"
Video tutorial playlist: