Use Bleve as full text search engine for go app


Bleve is full-text search library written in go. You can read this article if you are curious to know more about it Short Introduction To Bleve (

There are lots of stuff that gives the info about bleve functionality but the problem is they don't provide the way to implement in your project and it is quite difficult for beginners.

I am writing this to show how to use bleve with your project for the full text search.

There are Four Operations

1. Create index files
2. Index the valid entities.
3. Search through the indices  for output
4. Delete invalid entities.

Creating the index files

Index the valid entities

 You can ( and should ) create multiple index files according to data , need of search and performance You can increase performance by using the go routines to search throgh the mulitple indices concurrently.

Search throught the indices for output

Using the go routines to search throgh the mulitple indices concurrently.
Here the searchResult is the output in the jsonArray on which you have to process to render the output

Delete Invalid entity

This is just a basic setup. For more details you can visit it's offical site.

Though this is very simple to do. But if you stuck any where just comment below

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