Host Personal Cloud Torrent on VPS

Host Personal Cloud Torrent 

cloud torrent
This is the awesome project i found on the  project /cloud-torrent

What it does is it asks for the torrent or magnet link. After getting the link it downlods the torrent file on the vps and than you can download the file via idm or downloader to your pc from the vps

This project is written in the go and uses go 1.9.1.

If you are a person who don't want the complication of the compilation or cross compilation of this project you can use the file that is precompiled.

here is the link for ubuntu binary

Vultr VPS 

Make sure to open the port 3000 on the server 
for ubuntu to open port 3000 use this command

sudo ufw allow 3000

What you have to do us just copy the compile binary to the vps and open the port 3000
run the binray in background and your cloud torrent vps is ready to go

I am really impressed by this project