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I have to write a post for Alibaba cloud platform. I come to know that the post has to be 1300-1500 word long. So I write a post and that searched for a word counter tool. 
In the search result, i found two site

wordcounter . net

wordcounter.net is the best site I found. It gives more details than just count of the word. 
It gives the information of 
  • characters
  • words
  • sentence 
  • paragraphs 
  • word density

have been written. 

In additions, it also provides information like,
  • Reading level
  • Reading time
  • speaking time


wordcounter . io

wordcounter.io is also provided information like,
  • keyword density
  • character count
  • word count
  • sentence count 
  • paragraph count.
It has more impressive look than wordcounter.net


I choose wordcounter.net because
wordcounter.net provides information like the Reading level, Reading time, speaking time. 


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