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Hello. I am Manish and welcome to my blog. I am sure you must have browsed through some of the content on this blog and in case you have yet not figured out that I am a programmer you are, sorry to say, dumb.

As a programmer, I am well aware that resourcefulness is the key to good programming. Nobody knows it all, not even the best of us. Doesn't matter if you are a pro or a rookie, at some point, you have absolutely no idea what you are doing. We all turn towards resources to look for answers. Here I, like several other fellow programmers around the globe, share some of my experiences and problems that I face and solutions that I find. In short, I am your resource. Bow to your master! Praise the code whisperer!

Jokes apart, let me give you a brief idea about the type of things you will most likely encounter on this blog (based on my skill and knowledge)-

  • Firebase 
  • BlockChain 
  • Google Cloud Platform 
  • Laravel
  • Golang 
  • Integration Of Various APIs 
  • Some Tips/Tools Useful for bloggers
... [ Increasing list ]

Stay Tuned,

Manish H. Champaneri

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