Getting Started With Google Api client - Golang

google client api
google client apis

Almost every google api i have integreated with my golang projects have same step.
1. Authroize the user
2. Get the token for user
3. Get the cilent using the token
4. Make furter requset for google api using the client

Google api client for golang can be get here

here is the example code

end of example code

Now lets inspect the code what it does.

Start from main function where the program starts the exection

  1. [line 94] Main function starts
  2. [line 96] We are reading the client_id.json file downloaded from the google cloud. It will have information like client_id , project_id, token_id, etc. If you don't have client_id.json create a new one.
  3. [line 103] We are reading the json file and adding the permission we want for app on using the ConfigFromJson fucntion. 
  4. [line 107] We are getting the http client for the further google api requests using the getClient function.
    1. Here This function calls subfunctions
    2. [line 24] tokenCacheFile function trys to load the cache the file already stored in local system.
    3. [line 28] tokenFromFile trys to load the token from the cache file.
    4. [line 30] If  tokenFromfile  function don't get the token from the cache file. Then getTokenFromWeb function uses the token_uri to get the new token and stores it in the cache.
    5. We get the oauth http client with the token for further request to api.
  5. Once we get the client we can use it for any google api for request.
    1. Here i have used the client for the sheets api.
    2. I have also used the same code for the google drive api.
  6. If you want to use client for sheets api
    1. shtsrv, _ := sheets.New(client)
      1. here shtsrv serves as a google sheet api handle
    2. drvsrv, _:= drive.New(client)
      1. drvsrv server as api handle for google drive api

Hope you find it usefull