golang intellij community setup

I have used the phpstorm for 2 years. So intellj platform is now first need for development. There are many options available as golang development ide.
like Sublime and Atom etc.

If you are reading this means i don't have to give reasons why to use intellj for development. ( But if you are not familier with intellj platform you can check it out here. )

Intellj Community Version as Golang IDE

I am assuming that you now how to setup the golang on your own spacific platform.

After you setup the golang

you need to download install intellj community version.

( Note that Community version is open source and free while other versions are commercial. Here is the comparision of Intellj Community version with commercial versions )

Intellj Communyt version
Intellj Community version

Here is the spacific link for the intellj communiy verions.

I would sugget to use the link provided here because i have felt early that golang plugin (which is essential to use golang inside the community version) is not compatible with the latest version.


After Insalling the intellj communiyt verions,

Go to plugins and search for golang plugin

golang plugin for intellj community version
golang plugin for intellj community version

You can find settings 
  • windows
    • File
      • Settings
  • Mac
    • App
      • Preferances

Add gopath inside the global libraries

After installing the golang plugin you will be able to find the go inside language and framework.
Update the golabal libray for go at
  • Settings
    • Language and Frameworks
      • Go
        • Go Libraries : Here add the path of your go workspace ( GOPATH )

Now you are ready to use the intellj for you golang project