use hilite me for code sharing on your site

I have seen many sites which are sharing the code snippets having a good look. Like having the sublime like format. One example is In my early posts, I was used to putting the code as it as without any formatting other than making the code in italic.

After certain posts, I started to use GitHub gist for sharing. But the gist was not the actually for what I was looking. Though it was quite good for code sharing thing is that it was not giving the look I was wanting.

After searching for certain days I find which is actually I was looking for. A site/service that takes programming language code as input makes the syntax highlight and puts in the box of CSS we have defined.

It actually provides HTML-CSS code which can paste on the blog to share the code with specific highlight and format.

Here is my favorite CSS for the box

( Code for the box below you are seeing is also generated with )

background        :  #111111; 

overflow          :  auto;

width             :  auto;color:#eee; 

font-size         :  19px; 

line-height       :  24px;

background-color  :  #3f3f41;

border            :  solid#2e2e2f;

border-width      :  .1em .1em .1em .8em;

padding           :  .2em .6em;

box-shadow        :  0 10px 50px rgba(0,0,0,0.6);

            /* Generated with help of */

I am using this for code snippets I Post on this blog.

Hope you find it useful


  1. That's what I was searching!! Thanks a lot..

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