use elasticmail api with golang example

I am not going describe anything about elasticmail itself. You can look at the elasticmails site for details about it.

I am writing this post to show you how to use it with your GoLang application.

First Create a template in the elastic mail panel. I Don't know why but when I tried to send an email as complete HTML string. It was returning the 404 error.

But when using small pieces of HTML tags like just passing

<h2> Hello </h2>
it was working.

So instead of struggling with it, I found another way,
  • Create Custome template on the elasticmails site panel
  • Use the template for mail with passing necessary details[fields] during the API call

Create A Template with placeholders

Elastic Mail Template Designer
Elastic Mail Template Designer

Highlighted elements from the left side
  • Templets menu
  • Templet Name / Id
  • Example Placeholders

GoLang Code 

function to send the email through ElasticMail with the template shown in the image with the firstname and lastname

func ElasticMailSend(){

mailClient := http.Client{
 Timeout: time.Minute * 1,

myurl := url.URL{}
myurl.Scheme = "https"
myurl.Host = ""
myurl.Path = "v2/email/send"

q := myurl.Query()
q.Add("apikey", Elasti-Mail-Key)
q.Add("to", To-Email-Address)
q.Add("template", "Welcome_New_User")
q.Add("subject", subject)
q.Add("bodyHtml", "html")
q.Add("charset", "UTF-8")
q.Add("from", from)
// merge_{variablename} will replace placeholders value {variablename} in the 
// template 
// for example,
// merge_firstname will replace {firstname} in the template as Manish
q.Add( "merge_firstname","Manish")
q.Add( "merge_lastname","Champaneri")

q.Add("fromName", From-Name)

myurl.RawQuery = q.Encode()
req, err := http.NewRequest("POST", myurl.String(), strings.NewReader(string("a")))

if err != nil {
resp, errDO := mailClient.Do(req)

if errDO != nil {


Mail I Receive

Final mail delivered by elasticmail
Final mail delivered by elasticmail

Hope You will find it use full