What is sciter sdk ?

Sciter Sdk
Sciter SDK
Sciter brings a stack of web technologies to desktop UI development. 
Web designers and developers can reuse their experience and expertise in creating modern looking desktop applications.

It means what the words are saying, literally. With the use of Sciter, one can create UI for a native application using HTML, CSS and TIScript ( which is extended version of JavaScript).

Sciter was primarily created to work with C language. But now it has extended wrapper for other languages which include Golang as well.

Sciter Quick Example

Sciter is so robust and has been used by many companies in their products. Here are the examples,
  • Norton 
  • Comodo 
  • Avast 
  • BitDefender
  • SPAMFighter
  • STOPzilla

Their customer list is also very impressive. 

Sciter Customer List
Sciter Customer List

Before sometime Sciter doesn't have any free licence. But now they provide a free license. So you can use it for free which can be upgraded to paid one as well. 
Hope these details are enough to decide either give a shot to Sciter or not!