Embed GUI Inside Your Go Code

Embed Gui (HTML) Inside Go code
Embed Gui (HTML) Inside Go code 

In every application, you are going to need HTML for your GUI. Now it's not a good idea to put your HTML file with your executable. 

Using an HTML file for GUI has two major disadvantages: 

  • Your guy is loading from HTML file so you have to be sure about the location of your HTML file.
  • Your HTML code is now reachable to end user with which they can play.

So Safer option is to embed your HTML inside your go program. You can do this with two ways, first is go with go-rice like tools which actually makes single executable consisting of your every resource file ( which consist your HTML, CSS and even images!, but I have not used it so have no more idea about it )

The second way to embed HTML is to write your HTML inside your code as a string. 
To make it more clearly see the example below.

Golang File

package main

import (


func main() {

// Creating A Reactangle of size we want
rect := sciter.NewRect(200, 200, 400, 400)
// Create Window Over The rect
appWindow, windowErr := window.New(sciter.SW_MAIN|sciter.SW_CONTROLS|sciter.SW_ENABLE_DEBUG, rect)
// If we cannot create window
// Application execution has to be stopped
// Because app has been failed in its first most stage
if windowErr != nil {
fmt.Errorf("Failed to create application window due to %s ", windowErr.Error())
uiLoadErr := appWindow.LoadHtml(screens(), "/")
if uiLoadErr != nil {
fmt.Errorf("Failed to Load UI dur to %s ", uiLoadErr.Error())
// Showing window on screen
// Making window Running ...


func screens() string {
return `
<h1> No Html Files Need Any More </h1>
<input #name />
<label #nameLabel> </label>
<button #myname> Click Me  !</button>
<script type="text/tiscript">
self#nameLabel.text = self#name.text

While in the early example we are used to loading HTML from a file.

In this example, we are loading HTML via the function ( which returns a string, actually you can put HTML directly there as well but!, It would not look fine, right ! ).
uiLoadErr := appWindow.LoadHtml(screens(), "/")

So now we have no external dependencies for our program. Our GUI is also embedded in our go program. So after compilation, there will be only one executable file has to ship in order to share our application.

Whooho ! Its awesome right!