Go-boiler : smaller and simplest starter kit

About project

In my every project, I was using the same dependency every time like 

  • Cloudykit/Jet for HTML templating
  • gorilla-mux for routing 
  • gorilla-csrf  for csrf protection.


Even using some fix helping functions like view, json and htmlString for rendering , and staticRoutes and dynamicRoutes for route registrations.

So, I decided to make a starter-kit including minimal things I was using every time for the basic setup of the project.

That's go-boiler.

I know that every project has different requirements, so instead of giving a full-fledge boiler-kit go-boiler gives only those libraries you have to use anyway ( or similar one). There is nothing that you need to remove or even replace.

For example, This starter kit does not provide any database library, because it will be bad to assume that we will be using MySQL every time, we may have to use mongo even in some case.

In fututre, even this kit will only include libraries that are a basic requirement and no one need to remove it.

Source Code : 

Documentation : 

This is my first project in which I am doing documentation, at the same time this is the first project, I am creating for developers instead of end-users or my self.

If you have any suggestions,  I will be happy to hear from you.


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