YTDownload ( Server )

Project Name

Project Descrtiption
YTDownload ( Server ) is a server-based application. Its aim is to download video from youtube in all format and qualities provided by youtube.
It uses a web browser for its UI. The core logic of the server is written in goLang.

External libraries & dependcies
  • VueJS ( JavaScript FrameWork )
  • Spectre ( Css FrameWork )
  • YTDL ( GoLang Youtube download Library )
  • Gorilla Mux ( GoLang HTTP Routing Library )
  • It's a server-based application. So you just have to start the server and you will be able to use it from any device having a browser and connected to the same network using local address of the server.
  • No need to install

  • Downloads with a single thread, so downloading speed will be less than those other downloaders provides.
  • Can not use without the local server running.
  • No mobile platform for the server is supported

Source code

Download link


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